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Our story-Neraidochora

Neraidochora (the Greek word for Fairyland) started its journey back in 1991 in Agia Paraskevi, a suburb of Athens and even at the very beginning it had a lot of handcrafted objects. A lot has changed since - products, style, currency... - yet we remain a family company with the same values and the same moto: hapiness is handmade!

Our goal is to never stand still. We are always looking for new, exciting products at a price that most of us can afford. We achieve this by searching both in the Greek and abroad, as well as by designing and producing many articles ourselves. Some of these are associated with the Greek tradition at special times of the year, such as lucky charms (gouria) around the New Year and easter candles (lampades).

Several years later we opened a second shop and even later on we started our wholesale business under the brand: TOO LITTLE handmade jewels.
2010 was a crucial year for us since it was then that we introduced our blog to our customers and friends. The overwhelming response led us to the creation of our website which recently became an online shop. So, our beloved "things that make us travel" finally became "things that travel" in order to reach you, no matter how far away you live...