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Slides & sandals

Find the most comfortable slides for the beach and the pool in the new Ocean addict collection. Enjoy island and city tours in unparalleled comfort and style. In many different shades, to find the one that suits your outfit. On the other hand if you prefer a more playful look, Ipanema slippers are well known for their carefree & comfortable style. Made of 100% Flexpand recyclable material, these little slippers look at the environment face to face, as they do not pose a threat to its future. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Rio de Janeiro and the dreamy Ipanema beach, you will recognize the well-known pavement on Ipanema's designs. If you are not so lucky again, at least you will know that you are wearing an authentic pair of Ipanema slippers and you have embossed a part of the most beautiful beach into your summer footwea

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