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Easter candles for boys, girls as well as adults. New Easter 2025 collection, handmade in Neraidochora as always. Neraidochora means Fairyland in Greek, therefore you will find in our store a full range of Easter candles with fairies and princesses, with jewelry, rag dolls, music jewelry boxes and wooden ornaments for the romantic girl. You will also find Easter candles with planes, cars and superheroes - Harry Potter, Spider-man, Batman - for boys of all ages. For little ladies or women we suggest an Easter candle with a handmade bracelet or a necklace with crystals. For the teenager or the man (who always hides a boy inside ...) you will choose a candle with a compass, a men's bracelet or a key chain. New series for 2025: Harry Potter, Naruto, One Piece, exploration toys, Easter candles accompanied by creative toys, such as Playmobil. Neraidochora's Easter candles are sure to please godchildren all over the world as all toys are tied and not glued on the candle. They are made in our workshop with handmade Greek candles while their price is another pleasant surprise!


Easter candles