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Le Toy Van

Wooden toys Le Toy Van. Discover the whole collection of dollhouses, castles and pirate ships! New designs in affordable prices for these wooden toys that will be adored by kids of all ages! Free shipping in Greece for orders above 50€. For more information about Le Toy Van visit the Company's official site.

Defend the realm with Lionheart Castle from LE TOY VAN. A complete painted wooden castle on a baseboard.Features 3 towers, a pulley winch, a break-away wall, a prisoner cell and a functional draw bridge.Perfectly scaled for Budkins characters and any other figurines around 10cm tall. Figures so..
Sugar Plum Kitchen furniture pack.- includes cooker and sink unit- table with two stools and accessories as illustrated- an opening larder fridge- includes all accessories as pictured- dolls sold separately- scaled to all of LE TOY VAN doll's houses..
Sugar Plum dining room furniture pack.- includes a table and four chairs- play accessories (dolls sold separately)- scaled to all of LE TOY VAN doll's houses..
Sugar Plum bathroom Set.- includes a bath and shower unit- loo, sink and towel rail- includes all accessories as pictured- scaled to all of LE TOY VAN doll's houses..
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